This is not my work life. This is my life’s work.

My Values


Be genuine. Be Yourself


Exercise a nuanced understanding of yourself and your environment


Dwell on the good, grow from the not-so-good


Build a positive legacy. Contribute to a brighter future


Embrace risks and where they take you

Rose + Tye is the essence of hope, perseverance and love. 

It is about hope for the future, living beautifully and creating safe, inviting spaces which are undoubtedly ‘you’. Your space influences your choices and mindset.

Where Rose + Tye comes from

I am a survivor of domestic violence and I raise four children who are all uniquely affected too. I have had to rebuild my life from literally nothing. That chapter of our lives is long, painful and bears all the usual hallmarks you would expect if you were to consider what it would really be like to live with a terribly cruel, mentally unwell bully for many years. I can assure you though, it’s really the case that the ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. Such is the power of the perpetrator and the burden of the victim.

Needless to say, this toxic relationship that I had painted and tarnished all areas of my life including my career and professional reputation. The biggest blow to my career came after separation when, through iCloud he deleted all the files on my computer and locked it. My life’s work was gone. My photographic and graphic design folios, images of my children, academic papers I’d written… everything gone. Initially I didn’t worry too much because I had a reasonably recent backup in my storage shed. However, he took that too.

Like all life experiences, it is my response to these issues that defines who I am. I learnt that family doesn’t have to be blood and that we never really know the battles people might be facing in silence. And in turn defines what Rose + Tye is and fuels my passion.

Compassion, love, intuition and authenticity are my beacons. Connection with family, friends and my environment is mine and my children’s springboard for our future.

What Rose + Tye means

Rose + Tye is a deeply personal idea. My wonderful partner Curtis and I were talking about what we wanted for our little family. We daydreamed about all the adventures we want to go on, all the food we want to eat and what kind of legacy we want to leave our children. We spoke about future children and what their names would be. This is where Rose + Tye was born.

Rose and Tye has grown to become the idea of a future of freedom, love and spirited abandon. Being recklessly yourself and unashamedly yet authentically driven to impact positively on those around me.

What Rose + Tye does

Handmade pieces to make your space your own

There is a wonderful thing about artisanal items. They hark back to a time before technology, where artisanal qualities were the pinnacle of quality.

Be Responsible

I am a parent. I strongly believe it is my generation’s responsibility to commit to environmentally responsible practices.

I do this through using baby safe, VOC free natural paints, waxes and oils made from sustainable and repurposed materials. I use only sustainably sourced timbers and I purchase my supplies from small stores. Whilst your pieces are well packaged, all packaging I use is environmentally sustainable and compostable.

Help You Grow Your Business

I am a professional new media artist and brand storyteller. Contact me if you need graphic design services or are looking for small-run, bespoke packaging to help grow your business.

Reach Out and Make Contact

Use the form below or email me at if you have any questions, queries or ideas. Or…. even if you are snowed under with work, life, feeding children and just need connection with another human.