This week has been one of weirdness. I’m still existing in that weird twilight “still-writing-2018” kind of space. I am still shocked it is 2019. Next year it will be 2020. I’m still finding that really mindblowing. I don’t know about you. But I remember being a kid on New Year’s Eve, waiting for the clock to tick over to the year 2000. Remember Y-2-K and all that fuss? Isn’t it funny that we’re nearly 20 years down the road. I’ve joined the masses in focussing on my fitness journey to kick off the year. More on that below though!

This week I’ve been working on:

Swing Tags for a Fashion/Homewares Company

The ever-wonderful Casey from Elok has me working on some mega-awesome swing tags for new products she has dropping soon. The swing tags I’m making are on 220gsm cardboard with a pretty special ombre foil that I think is going to look incredible. I seriously cannot wait to reveal these. If you aren’t following me already, pop on over to Insta!

Website Design

I’ve been working on four websites this week: Rose + Tye (obvs), Ideas to Life Pty Ltd,  Gym Bandit and The Life Collaborative.

Identity Design

I’ve been also working on the Brand Identity of The Life Collaborative which is great.

My Fitness Journey

My partner and I have made this joint goal of having a couples photoshoot together in March of this year. I have been reflecting on much of our relationship and realised so much of it is centered around our children and the chaos of daily life. I suggested the idea to Curt because I wanted a goal we would work together for ourselves. As well as having a way we could celebrate “us”. Curt is the most incredible man in the Universe to me so I’m excited to do this crazy thing with him. He used to be a bodybuilder/powerlifter/fitness junkie and still really enjoys going to the gym etc. So, he’s taken on this crazy mum’s health and wellness for the next three months. Bless his socks! He makes me all my meals now (isn’t he a gem!).

Because I am so busy, I didn’t realise I didn’t have the best relationship with food. I would always ensure the kids are fed. But while I’d be making them whatever they wanted, I’d be snacking on chocolate or eating crunchy food of some variety – rather than just sitting down with them. One big barrier to this for me was that the kids eat so fast and always want seconds or thirds, that it is easier for me to just stay in the kitchen so I’m ready to get them more. So a little shift in our family behaviour has meant that meal times are fairer for everyone which is good too.

Increase in energy

I am keen on getting back my health and wellness while finding more energy to achieve the many things I need to. So far I’ve lost almost 2kg and it’s been a week. I haven’t been doing anything extreme or overly intense. I work out 4 times a week doing bodyweight stuff at home or at the free gym at our local park. I have to say it hasn’t been all too taxing either. I was initially really worried that I’d die, that I wouldn’t produce any milk for Ben etc etc. But that hasn’t eventuated.

I currently weigh 57.5kg today which is pretty awesome. I’m only 158cm tall if I stretch out. I’m back into fitting into my pre-Ben clothes which is great too. Which means that my weight loss isn’t really reflective of the changes I’ve seen in my body. I feel more toned, more capable and a ‘better’ version of me. Because of the Gym Bandit supps and my diet, I have also noticed that I haven’t been as sore as I thought I’d be from my work outs. Which is good because I still need to do stuff like carry Ben etc. But, I do have to say, I *HATE* brown rice right now. I’ve never dieted in my life so eating the same foods day in, day out is a mental barrier for me. But I’m focussed on my goal. It is hard though. Especially when I make “normal” food for the kids (like spaghetti bolognese…. yuuuuummmmmm!).

On my fancy “meal plan” is:


A Banana smoothie containing 1 x banana, 1 cup of rolled oats, 1 scoop of Gym Bandit Locked and Loaded WPI/WPC Protein in Vanilla. Curt makes this for me the night before and I just add water and blitz it in the Nutribullet first thing.


A can of Chilli tuna with 1 cup Brown rice and 1/4 avocado. Also made the night before and stored in the fridge.


Another smoothie but this one is completely delicious. It has 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup Gym Bandit Locked + Loaded WPI/WPC Protein in Vanilla, 10g L-Glutamine. It is mega yum and I love the colour.


1/2 a chicken breast, more brown rice, salad.

I am sure more variation would be possible in my diet. As a breastfeeding mumma, I haven’t found my milk supply to be dwindling eating all this food but Ben is also 1 year old now too. I have felt like I’ve had more energy during the day though. I also know, for the first time in my life, when I am hungry. I’ve also been getting really hangry for the first time in my life too.

How was your week?

Share what your favourite part of the week was last week. In case you missed what I did last week, and felt the need to catch up, you can see it here.

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