It turns out I’m chasing my tail a whole heap at the moment. Getting a business ready to launch is hard work when you’re the only one working on it. I’ve been pulling products together, trying to find time to design a catalogue etc etc all the while getting everything sorted for Back To School.

Nothing To see here - Diary of a Designer 22 January - Rose and Tye

Back to School.

When I was a kid, I used to love Back to School time. Being a nerd of a human, I used to love the opportunity to convince my mum to buy me stickers, new contact adhesive etc. I spent days cutting out images from magazines etc and designing covers for every notebook. It evolved into me having to then do my brother’s books too because I was an exceptional contact-erer. I did this every school year.

Seeing as though my partner is Canadian, I’ve been reflecting a whole lot on North American culture. It occurred to me – how good is it that North Americans go back to school mid-year?!!?! I used to scoff at the idea… mostly because it meant their calendars would always be half-yearly. But, it dawned on me — how good would it be if Christmas/New Years chaos was separated from Back To School chaos?

My Officeworks win

This year I decided to order everything from Officeworks. For the first time ever, they got everything right. Nothing was back ordered and it was delivered all on the same day. How good is that!

Getting back into Contact Lens

Curt offered to buy me some contacts. I haven’t been for a surf in over two years now because I haven’t been able to afford contacts. But also because of pregnancy/breastfeeding and all that means you can’t lay flat on a surfboard. So, I’m super excited to be ditching my glasses soon so I can be back out in the lineup pretending like I’ll catch a wave like the kook I am.

Surf Lineup - Diary of a Designer 22 January - Rose and Tye

Projects I’ve been working on

I finalised Elok’s wonderful swing tags and I am so excited to get these out. I really enjoy swing tags. Especially the foiled ones. These were particularly special as they used an ombre pink and gold foil I found – Elok’s beautiful brand colours. Elok launches their store soon. Check them out!

An Insight into my creative process

Otherwise, I’ve been designing new products. I know I should be concentrating on what I’ve already done – especially with my launch less than a week away. But, I seriously can’t help it right now. I’m feeling inspired, joyful and productive. I work on almost everything, just a little, every single day. I wish I was a logical thinker and do-er. But I’m not. I work best when I can explore ideas, tinker and play. It’s just who I am. I’m so enjoying the creative process and working with new, tangible materials like wood and acrylic. It’s been like Chicken Soup for my creative soul.

Announcing my Brand Rep Team

I ran a little application process over on my Instagram account to recruit my brand rep team. It was such an exciting thing to do. I am still feeling the ‘warm and fuzzies’ over all the lovely comments about my pieces.

I am going to make a highlight reel on my Instagram featuring my new Brand Rep team. Pop on over to their pages and follow them!

Christy – @quite.franklee

Gillian – @thespark_inside

Meg – @rileyandme_accessories

Sarah – @the_crispi_crew

Diary of a Designer 22 January - Rose and Tye

My Fitness Journey

I have learnt a lot about myself lately. A lot around my relationship with food in particular. Curt, being the superhero that he is, has continued making me my meals every day. Over dinner the other night, eating yet another plate of chicken breast + precisely one cup of brown rice + some steamed broccoli, I had an epiphany. My relationship with food is one of joy. I find eating the same thing day in, day out really challenging. In fact, I downright hate it. I could cope if I was allowed condiments. But, I have never dieted in my life. I have learnt I am a social and emotional eater. I really like crunchy foods. I’ve never been hangry in my life (well I thought I had). But, watching the kids eat spaghetti bolognese while I ate damn chicken breast made me almost want to scream!

But, I’ve been plodding away. Thank god Curt changes our food plans each week because the brown rice is starting to be difficult for me to eat. It’s not even that bad. I have also learnt that I am a Princess apparently when it comes to food. I always thought I was really good with eating. As it turns out, I am. As long as it is on my terms.

My relationship with Food

Before all this started, I would rarely ever eat in the day. I’d wake up, make a cappucino and get into the day. When I’m designing, I often forget to eat. I can’t explain why. I just forget to eat. I’m so embedded in what I’m doing. Couple that with being a busy mom who often doesn’t get the opportunity to sit down to eat while the kids are up… and often I don’t eat until dinner time. But now, through this eating plan, I am ready to eat my own arm off if I don’t eat every two hours. It’s insanely inconvenient as I find I’m not able to just stick at designing for hours like I used to.

However, my weight is down to 56.2 and my body is looking very different. My tummy is near on flat (fancy that after four children). All I have really done has been stick to Curt’s eating habits and exercise moderately for 20 minutes three times a week. I don’t go to the gym. I exercise at home, or at the local park with the kids.