This has been a long process, mostly because I’ve squeezed in this website build amongst life, Christmas and everything else in between. I really question at times how I manage. Looking back, I set myself a goal of launching this website on 1 January 2019… which I did. There just wasn’t much on it product wise, or blog wise. But the bones were there! So “go me!”.

For those of you who follow me on instagram and followed the evolution of Rose + Tye, you know how things go with me. So, I have a bit of difficulty focussing at times on what needs to happen because I absolutely love the people around me. That includes you and what y’all achieve! I feel so much joy looking at what other people are achieving, especially on Instagram, that I forget sometimes to see it as ‘noise’ and block it out so I can achieve big things too.

I really believe businesses should evolve organically and become an extension of yourself if you have any real chance of achieving success. So here I am, bringing y’all in on the evolution of Rose + Tye with my ‘Diary of a Designer’ series from a half-built website.

What to make and when!?!

I’ve been deep in thought pondering my product line as I’ve been working on product listings and today I had a brainwave: I need to spread a fair bit out before I have a stroke! It’s an epiphany: I don’t have to do everything right away. I don’t have to put everything I want to create online right now! So, I can hear my partner in my brain telling me “you need to focus!”. That’s going to be my theme of this month.

So I decided: I am going to aim for March for the product launch of scandi homewares and concentrate on getting my papergoods online. I’m absolutely loving the support from my Insta followers though. You’re all awesome!

You are All Awesome - Diary of a Designer - Rose + Tye
Exciting Times Ahead! You’re all awesome!

It’s always the last 10%

I know that it’s really only the last 10% that is the hardest. So today I have sorted out more categories for the products I’m going to make… then I got distracted looking for stock photos for blog posts, and pondered whether I should organise the kid’s back to school stuff via the school or through Officeworks. (Yes. That is a major dilemma for me year after year).

I did, however, also write a few blog posts, connected this site to my Facebook, write product listings, take photographs of things I’ve made, and attempted to tidy my kitchen like Marie Kondo (have you seen Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix??!). So that’s awesome!

The last 10% of my own projects is always the hardest to work through. But this time, I’m trying something new by putting a site live before it’s finished. Time will tell whether this was a clever move or not.