Personalised Family Mailbox

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This handmade letter box is a great learning tool for your little one’s imaginative play. Made from FSC Certified Marine Grade Plywood it is not only strong but light. Hand painted to your request of colours and finished off with your personalised name.

These can also be personalised for classrooms, family names, for playgroups or other community groups.



Personalised Family Mailbox

This handmade personalised letterbox is a great learning tool for your little one’s imaginative play and anxiety management. Made from marine grade ply, it is not only strong but it’s light. Hand painted to your request of colours and finished off with your personalised name or family name.

This mailbox can also be personalised for classrooms, playgroups or other community groups.

The Personalised Family Mailbox is painted on the edges with VOC Free paint.

Many ways to use the personalised family mailbox:

Imaginative Play

Remember the magic of checking your mail and getting personal letters?! Share that magic with your child. The letterbox comes with 3 handpainted wooden envelopes to kickstart their play. There are also plenty of opportunities to use the letterbox at special occasions, writing to Santa, the Easter bunny, the Tooth Fairy or even to Mum and Dad! Or…. even receiving letters from them in your family’s magic mailbox!

Literacy Skills

There are so many wonderful children’s stories, like The Jolly Postman, which showcases the wonders of getting personal mail. Mailboxes can be used to expand on stories you read to your children. Or even helping them with their homework. Your children can use them to practice their handwriting, send pictures or anything else they can imagine!

Managing Anxiety and Trauma

In our home, we use our family mailbox as an invitation to relieve worries or stresses and to ‘fill one another’s buckets’ with kindness. We started out with mailboxes for each child, but we recently moved and had to downsize. This led us to change to a family mailbox. It’s been a wonderful activity for the children. Especially my eldest son who has anxiety. He uses our mailbox to post away his feelings and worries, or hurts. So he writes down what, or who is upsetting him and he “mails it away”. This helps him to articulate his feelings and also to get rid of negative thoughts. It also helps him to recognise how he is feeling rather than lashing out.

Teaching Emotional Literacy and Resilience

Letter writing is a marvellous way to teach children a variety of skills. Children can learn to build resilience, emotional literacy (or understanding their emotions and the emotions of others) and conflict resolution skills as well as empathy.

My other son uses letter writing to consider other people’s perspectives. He is 6 years old and doesn’t quite yet understand the impact his actions can have on others. So he often is tasked with writing a letter to someone to himself. It’s been a really helpful activity to get him to consider his actions more carefully.

What’s used to make the Mailboxes

FSC Timber

The untreated marine grade ply is used in this piece is from FSC certified forests and supply chains. What this means is that the ply comes from well managed, responsible forestry practices. So you can rest easy knowing that you’re not buying a product from unsafe and unsustainable forestry practices. Unsafe and unsustainable forestry practices have a direct role in our planet’s climate change.

VOC Free Paints, Waxes and Oils

Safe For Your Whole Family

The paints we use are proven safe to the strictest EU-standards to be safe for babies and pets.
The MSDS will be made available on here soon. In the interim, please feel free to request copies of our MSDS via email at

Our Paints Save the Rainforest

Rainforests are one of the most important natural resources left on earth. They safely store billions of tons of carbon thereby helping ward off climate change. A quarter of all our medicines are sourced from plants, found deep within the rainforest. They are also homes to thousands of unique animals that depend on the rainforest protection for survival.

Only 2.4 million square miles of rainforest remain today. For every 1sqm of area you cover with our Paints, Oils and Waxes, you are saving 1 sqm of Amazon rainforest and its precious species. For every 10 Litres of paint used, together we are saving over 100sqm of rainforest and its species which is the floor area of an average 2-bedroom apartment or 8 carparks.

Paints Smell Fresh

Stinky paints are gross. The paints I use on all my pieces are completely unlike traditional paints. They don’t give me headaches using them and provide a pleasant citrus scent to the pieces too.

Made from Natural, Sustainable Ingredients

Once upon a time, all paints were natural. The ingredients in our paints are sourced and processed responsibly, and use renewable sources wherever possible.

How to order:

Select the relevant theme. Click “Add to Cart” and follow the easy checkout process. You can choose between a Personalised Family Mailbox or Child’s Mailbox. Through the checkout process you’ll be asked to specify the name you’d like on your letterbox. Please ensure you triple check that you’ve provided the correct spelling. 

Turn Around time

The turn around time is up to two weeks excluding postage on this product due to the personalisation, paints drying and hardening etc.

Project Updates

If you would like updates on the progress of your order, please provide your instagram handle in the order comments and I’ll be sure to tag you in images of your project as I’m making them.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 14.5 cm


Birthday, Divorce, New School Year, School Holidays


Individual Child, Family/Group


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